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Prevention of split air conditioning systems (without warranty) 7000-12000 BTU

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Product Description

Prevention of air conditioners type "split system" (without a guarantee) - our professional approach to ensuring comfort

The lowest prices in Chisinau and throughout the Republic of Moldova

Skin-system air conditioners have become an integral part of our houses and offices, providing us with the desired comfort and coolness on hot summer days. In order to make sure that these devices work at the maximum of their capabilities and to extend their service life, it is necessary to regularly pay attention to their prevention and proper maintenance. In this context, we offer you our services for the prevention of split systems, with a volume of 7,000 to 12000 BTU, available in Chisinau and throughout the Republic of Moldova.

What our prevention includes:

Professional cleaning: our qualified team of technicians will carefully clean all the components of your air conditioner. Filters, evaporators, capacitors and fan blades will be cleaned to eliminate any pollution and deposits that can affect the quality of the air and the productivity of the device.

Technical checks: Our experimental techniques will conduct a number of technical inspections to make sure of your air conditioner correctly work. This includes the measurement of the refrigerant pressure, check of insulation and electrical connections, as well as checking the work of the thermostat.

Disinfection and sanitary processing: To ensure clean and healthy air, we will carry out the procedure for disinfection and sanitization of your air conditioner. This will destroy bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms that can multiply inside the device and fall into the air.

Reflacement of the refrigerant: If the refrigerant level is reduced, we will fulfill its replenish to guarantee the maximum performance of your air conditioner and avoid damage.

Consultations and recommendations: Upon completion of service, our techniques will provide you with tips and recommendations for further care of air conditioning and its effective use.

Why choose our services:

Experience and professionalism: we have an extensive experience in servicing air conditioners and a team of qualified technicians.

Guaranteed quality: we guarantee that each service we perform will be of high quality to provide you with excellent results.

The lowest prices: we are proud of the offer of the most attractive prices in Chisinau and throughout the Republic of Moldova for air prevention services.

National coating: Our services are available throughout the Republic of Moldova so that you can use our knowledge and experience, wherever you are.

Make sure your SPLIT-System type air conditioner with a volume of 7000 to 12000 BTU operates at maximum parameters, using our professional prevention services. Contact us today to plan your service or get answers to your questions about caring for air conditioners. We guarantee that you will enjoy comfort and coolness on every hot summer day.

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Type of conditioner: Split-Sistem
Type of Service: Prevention
Executors: Engineers of Eurosanteh company
Execution Duration, hours: 1-1,30
Post-installation Support: included in the price
Please clarify the specifications with the managers, as they may differ from the actual ones