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Installation crew "Radion and Petru"


First Name Last Name Radu Miron

Job title: Chief installer

Age: 33 years

Work experience: 12 years

Driving license category and driving experience: B, experience - 10 years

Education: Higher

Marital status: Married, 2 children


First Name Last Name Peter Miron

Job title: Installer assistant

Age: 22 years old

Work experience: 4 years

Driver's license category: No driver's license

Education: Secondary 

Marital status: Single

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Radu Miron

Radu Miron, 33 years old, an experienced installer with 12 years of work experience. With a Category B driving license and 10 years of driving experience, he can easily move around to work on various sites. With an higher level of education, Radu has developed the necessary skills to perform tasks in his field accurately and professionally.

His marital status - married with two children - indicates a responsible and dedicated person, capable of successfully managing both professional and personal demands. As an expert in air conditioning and boiler installations, Radu brings a high level of specialization and knowledge in this specific area. With extensive experience and a dedicated approach to his work, Radu Miron is an installer you can rely on, able to provide quality services in his area of expertise.

Peter Miron

Petru Miron, aged 22, is Radu Miron's assistant in the editing team. With 4 years of work experience, Petru contributes to projects with his team with enthusiasm and dedication. Although he does not have a driver's license, he is dedicated and ready to learn and adapt in any situation to fulfill his responsibilities.

With an average level of education, Petru has accumulated practical knowledge in the field of assembly and is able to follow instructions and work effectively in a team. His unmarried marital status suggests that he is flexible and available to devote himself fully to his work and learn from the experiences he encounters in his career. Being under the guidance of Radu Miron, an expert in the field, Petru has the opportunity to develop and improve his editing skills.