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Installation crew "Victor and Eugeniu"


First Name Last Name Bulgar Victor

Job title: Chief installer

Age: 28 years old

Work experience: 6 years

Driving license category and driving experience: B, C, experience - 4 years

Education: Higher

Marital status: Married, 1 child


First Name Last Name Eugeniu Șvab

Job title: Installer assistant

Age: 26 years old

Work experience: 2 years

Driving license category and driving experience: B, experience - 5 years

Education: Secondary

Marital status: Single

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Bulgar Victor

Victor Bulgar, 28 years old, an experienced installer with 6 years of experience in this field. Holds a category B and C driver's license with 4 years of driving experience. Higher education, specialization in air conditioning systems engineering.

Victor is married and has one child, which indicates his responsibility and stability in his personal life. As an installer, you can expect him to have an eye for detail and be able to work both independently and as part of a team. His considerable experience means that he is familiar with a wide range of air conditioning systems and technologies and is able to effectively solve various problems associated with their installation and installation.

Eugeniu Șvab

Evgeniy Shvab, 26 years old, a young installer with 2 years of experience in this field. Has a category B driving license and significant driving experience for 5 years. The education is secondary, indicating practical and technical training.

Being a bachelor, it can be assumed that Eugene is focused on his career and is ready for long-term challenges and commitments. As a member of Victor Bulgar's team, he may benefit from his guidance and experience to further develop his editing skills. Their collaboration can bring a combination of experience and fresh enthusiasm to the team, allowing them to work effectively and complement each other on various installation projects.