We sell, deliver and install climate control equipment throughout the Republic of Moldova

Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions govern the use of the online store www.eurosanteh.md for orders of goods/services offered by the company SRL "EDENVOR" through the website. HEATING, VENTILATION, AIR CONDITIONING, AND WATER SUPPLY STORE. For successful use of the website, we recommend that you carefully read the Terms and Conditions presented here. We reserve the right to amend these terms without prior notice.

This website is owned by SRL "EDENVOR". By registering an order in the online store, the Buyer automatically accepts the Terms of Sale of goods/services, which are based on the legislation of the Republic of Moldova (hereinafter - the Terms), as presented below. The use of the website implies agreement with the offered Terms by the company SRL "EDENVOR", in accordance with Law No. 284/2004 on electronic commerce. The relationship between the customer and the seller is established based on Law No. 105/2003 on consumer protection and other regulatory acts adopted in accordance with it. The Seller reserves the right to make changes to the provided Terms, and the Buyer is obliged to track these changes.

By using the website www.eurosanteh.md, you automatically agree to the collection and processing of personal data necessary for processing/confirming/fulfilling orders. Personal data is processed only for lawful purposes, such as providing the goods ordered by you, promotions, Google analytics, cookie files, and notification mailings. All information containing personal data is stored and used only for the period necessary to achieve the purposes for which it was collected, and in accordance with the provisions established by Law No. 133/2011 on personal data protection. We use commercial security measures to prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy, and ensure proper use of information on the website. Data transmission over the Internet or through wireless networks cannot be fully secured. Therefore, like other companies, we cannot guarantee the security of information provided by the Buyer, so they do so at their own risk.

Payment for orders is possible using a credit card - upon receiving the order, you will receive a fiscal receipt confirming the payment. Online payment is made under maximum security conditions using a credit card, enabling online transactions. After payment, you will receive a payment confirmation to your email address. The payment processor uses a secure system based on the latest version of the 3D-Secure security standard, which implies a new global approach to authenticating buyers in secure online transactions. This security measure involves redirecting the user at the time of payment to a secure page, where authentication of each cardholder occurs by issuing a one-time code for each online transaction. Refunds are only made to the credit card used for the purchase. To make a payment, you will need to enter your bank card details. This information is transmitted in accordance with all necessary security measures. The information is transmitted in encrypted form and stored only on the specialized server of the payment system. The following data will be required to make the payment:
Card number (16 digits)
Expiration date (month and year)
CVC or CVV code (3 digits)
Name and surname as stated on the card
If the currency of the card differs from the transaction currency (MDL), the terms of the issuing bank will apply when converting the charged amount from the card.

After registering the order, the buyer is provided with information about the estimated delivery date by couriers/delivery service. 
Delivery within the city of Chisinau is made within 24 hours on business days after the confirmation of the order by our operators. Delivery is carried out from 08:00 to 19:00 and is free of charge.
Delivery throughout the territory of the Republic of Moldova is made within 3 business days after the confirmation of the order by our operators. Delivery is free of charge.
Delivery is not made on Sundays or national holidays.
The delivery period may be extended in some isolated cases (e.g., adverse weather conditions, periods of public holidays, unforeseen technical problems, etc.). We will inform you in advance if we encounter any such isolated cases.
You can choose any address for delivery - home, office, or any other address at no additional cost. We only accept one delivery address for each order. If you need to deliver the order to different addresses, please register separate orders for each address.
Upon receipt of the goods, please check the integrity of the packaging and the presence of a fiscal receipt in the presence of the courier. Any claims regarding these matters will not be accepted subsequently.

According to the definition of Law No. 105-XV of March 13, 2013, on consumer protection, the Buyer has the right to return the purchased goods within 14 days from the date of purchase. The funds are returned to the card used for the purchase.
According to Annex No. 2 to Government Decision No. 1465 of 08.12.2003 (Official Gazette No.248-253/19.12.2003), as amended by Government Decision No. 1188 of 02.11.2007 (Official Gazette No.175/09.11.2007).
Company contact information for returns: +373 68 272 991
Return processing time: 14 business days
Return conditions: +373 68 272 991

In accordance with the provisions of Law No. 133/2011 on personal data protection, the service provider processes personal data. Personal data is processed fairly and in accordance with the law. The processing of personal data is carried out by mixed means (automated and manual), in compliance with legal requirements and in conditions ensuring security, confidentiality, and respect for the rights of data subjects.
The provider collects and processes only the personal data provided by consumers when placing an order: name, surname, phone number, address, mailing address.
Personal data is used solely for the purpose of managing the website, providing access to special information, delivering orders, or contacting the consumer for delivery purposes. Users and consumers acknowledge and agree that their personal data (name, surname, phone number, address, mailing address) will be processed and used by the Provider.
The provider will not disclose any of the stored data to third parties without the consent of the data subjects and will not commercially use, exchange, or disclose this data to other persons, except as provided by applicable law (at the request of public authorities, law enforcement agencies, courts, as well as those authorized to process personal data).
Personal data may be processed and used by the Provider for statistical and subsequent marketing purposes.
The service provider ensures the security requirements of personal data and protects consumer data from loss, destruction, distortion/falsification, or disclosure to third parties.
Service provider employees are required to maintain the confidentiality of consumer personal data. The processing of personal data will be carried out by an authorized person of the Provider.
The provider uses methods and technologies for data protection in accordance with applicable law.
The provider does not collect transaction information such as card number, expiration date, country of origin.
For additional information, any interested party may contact by email at info@eurosanteh.md or by phone at +373 68 272 991.

Company legal name: SRL "EDENVOR"
TIN: 1014609001015
Legal address: Chisinau, Burebista Street 110
Actual address: Chisinau, Burebista Street 110
Contact phone: +373 68 272 991
Contact email address: info@eurosanteh.md