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Kospel - Innovation and Quality in the World of Energy Comfort
Product categories
prod installation It is possible to order with installation
Maximum pressure, bar
Volume, litres
8 064 lei
6 840 lei
prod installation It is possible to order with installation
Maximum pressure, bar
Volume, litres
9 184 lei
7 790 lei
prod installation It is possible to order with installation
Maximum pressure, bar
Volume, litres
9 744 lei
8 265 lei

Kospel is a standout example of modern technologies and reliable solutions in the water heating equipment industry. Since its inception, Kospel has dedicated itself to creating products that not only ensure efficiency and reliability but also incorporate innovative technologies to enhance comfort in every household.

Brand History

Kospel began its journey with the clear goal of changing the standards of water heating equipment. Over the years, the brand has not only established its presence in the market but has also become one of the leading manufacturers of innovative solutions for home comfort.

Technological Innovations

One of Kospel's fundamental principles is the implementation of advanced technologies. The brand actively introduces innovative solutions, such as intelligent control systems, energy-efficient technologies, and cutting-edge materials to create next-level products.

Energy Efficiency and Resource Savings

Kospel places special emphasis on the energy efficiency of its products. All the brand's boilers are equipped with intelligent control systems that optimize energy consumption, ensuring an efficient and economical operating mode.

Wide Range of Products

Kospel's rich product range includes various boiler models for different needs. From compact and fast electric boilers to innovative heat pumps, the brand offers diverse options, allowing each customer to choose the optimal solution.

Design and Aesthetics

Kospel attaches importance not only to functionality but also to the design of its products. Modern and stylish exteriors make Kospel boilers an integral part of the bathroom or kitchen design.

Reliability and Durability

High-quality standards and strict production control ensure the reliability of Kospel products. Each boiler undergoes thorough tests, guaranteeing a long service life and flawless operation.

Environmental Orientation

Environmental awareness is evident in every aspect of the brand's activities. Kospel actively works to reduce the impact of production on the environment and strives to create products that are more environmentally friendly.

Customized Solutions

Kospel understands that each customer is unique and offers personalized solutions. The brand develops products with the specific features of the space, user needs, and technical requirements in mind, ensuring that each customer receives an ideal solution.

Professional Services and Technical Support

Kospel doesn't just provide products but also offers professional technical support services. The brand's team of professionals is ready to assist with selection, installation, and maintenance consultation.

Global Presence and Local Understanding

With global coverage and attention to local specifics, Kospel creates equipment that combines universal standards with the unique characteristics of regional markets.

Corporate Social Responsibility and Education

Kospel takes responsibility for its contribution to society and the environment. The brand invests in educational programs and social initiatives, contributing to knowledge development and improving the quality of life.


Kospel doesn't just manufacture boilers; it shapes the future of comfort and energy efficiency. With a balance between advanced technologies, style, and environmental care, the brand continues to stay at the forefront, providing customers with products that blend reliability, efficiency, and innovation for the contemporary lifestyle.