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GREE CEILING FLOOR Conditioner U-MATCH Inverter Series GUD100ZD-A-T + GUD100W-HhA-X

Power, BTU: 36000
66 528 mdl
53 460 mdl
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Product Description

Split-system air conditioner Gree U-MATCH GUD100ZD/A-T/GUD100W/NhA-X

Semi-professional equipment designed for use in shops, restaurants, bars, offices and in large spaces, including high ceilings.

The semi-professional system can serve objects with different surfaces. The cooling capacity is from 3.5 to 16 kW. The length of the refrigeration line can reach up to 75 m with a maximum height difference of 30 m.

Heating and cooling down to -20 °C.

Floor and ceiling mounted split system with inverter compressor running on R32 freon, meaning the unit can be used all year round for both heating and cooling, ensuring comfortable indoor conditions due to increased productivity and the varied range of functions. The compact shape of the indoor unit allows for quick installation in a suspended ceiling space. The sober design allows the box to integrate perfectly into the interior of both a home and a public space, saving free space.

The improved inverter technology will increase the rated energy efficiency, eliminate the starting current problem, which will extend the rated life and reduce the electricity consumption and noise level.

Installation of the air conditioning unit is possible in residential or public spaces. The assembly will be carried out by a specialized team, whose services we provide.

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Indoor unit dimensions, mm: 1200x665x235
Operating temperature range, cooling, °C: -20...+43
Heating to, °C: -20...+24
Air filter: Yes
Drying regime: Yes
Basic regimes: Cooling/heating
External block weight, kg: 89,0
Internal block weight, kg: 32,0
Outdoor unit dimensions, mm: 940x460x820
Room area, m²: 100
Connection diameter, inch: 3/8x5/8
Maximum fall height, m: 30
Maximum drawn length, m: 65
Hladagent: R32
Noise level, dB: 43
Air flow, m³/h: 1600
Heating electricity consumption, kW: 3,50
Cooling power consumption, kW: 3,30
Heating power, kW: 12,0
Cooling power, kW: 10,0
Compressor: Inverter
Power, BTU: 36000
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