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Solid fuel boiler KRONAS STANDART 18 kW

Power, kW: 18
27 440 mdl
22 050 mdl
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Product Description

Boiler Kronas Standard: High-quality and Efficient Heating

In today's world, where energy efficiency and the environment are becoming increasingly important, the choice of heating equipment plays a key role. The Kronas Standard boiler is distinguished by its unsurpassed characteristics and innovative solutions, making it the best choice for your home or business.

Manual Loading for Maximum Control

One of the main advantages of the Kronas Standard is the ability to manually load fuel. This gives you complete control over the heating process, allowing you to adjust the temperature and combustion intensity in a way that suits you. Hand loading also provides reliability and safety, giving you peace of mind that your heating equipment is reliable.

Compact Dimensions for Maximum Efficiency

One of the main aspects that distinguishes the Kronas Standart is its compact dimensions combined with a large firebox. This saves space in your home or business while ensuring maximum heating efficiency. The compactness of the equipment also makes it easier and more convenient to place it in any room.

Double Shelf Convective Heat Exchanger for Energy Efficient Use

One of the key technologies that makes the Kronas Standart so efficient is its double-shelf convective heat exchanger. This innovative system makes efficient use of the heat generated during fuel combustion, ensuring maximum heating efficiency and energy savings. The result is lower heating costs and a reduced environmental impact.

Three Door Access System for Convenient Maintenance

Another important advantage of the Kronas Standart is its access system with three doors inside the boiler. This design makes the service and maintenance process extremely simple and convenient. You can easily access all components and parts of the boiler for their maintenance and repair, thus ensuring maximum reliability and durability of the equipment.

Possibility of Installing a Mechanical Traction Controller for Additional Comfort

To ensure maximum comfort and ease of use, Kronas Standard has the ability to install a mechanical traction regulator. This option allows you to automatically adjust the draft in the chimney, optimizing the combustion process and ensuring a stable room temperature. Such a regulator provides smooth and efficient heating, as well as maximum comfort for the user.

Built-in Electronic Thermometer to Check Temperature

In addition, Kronas Standart is equipped with a built-in electronic thermometer, which allows you to easily control the room temperature. It provides accurate and reliable temperature measurements, helping you keep your home or office comfortable at all times.

STANDART: Reliability and Efficiency for all occasions

Thanks to a wide range of models from 10 to 26 kW, Kronas Standart becomes the best choice for both private homes and commercial premises. It offers an unrivaled combination of high consumer qualities and affordable cost, providing efficient and economical heating for any need.

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Power, kW: 18
Heating surface, m²: 180
Loading type: Manual
Efficiency, %: 85
Metal thickness, mm: 5
Boiler water volume, litres : 58
Weight, kg: 204
The volume of the combustion chamber, litres : 87
Height, mm: 1205
Width, mm: 556
Depth, mm: 1033
Maximum pressure, bar: 1,5
Combustion chamber type: Open
Fuel type: Solid
Chimney diameter, mm: 180
Installation method: On the floor
Coutry of brand: Ucraine
Destination: Heating
Exit from the heating system: 1/2
Entering the heating system: 1/2
Automatic loading: No
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