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Maintenance of split air conditioning systems (under warranty)

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Product Description

Prophylaxis of Split type air conditioner with guarantee

The Split type air conditioner represents a valuable investment in the comfort and quality of the air in the home or office. In order to ensure optimum functioning and to extend its life, periodic prophylaxis is essential. We are proud to offer you prophylaxis services of Split type air conditioners, with guarantee, in Chisinau and throughout the Republic of Moldova, at the lowest prices.

Why is the prophylaxis of the split air conditioner?

An air conditioner that works effectively not only ensures a comfortable interior climate, but also contributes to energy saving and reducing utility bills. However, to maintain the optimal performance of the device, periodic prophylaxis is imperative. Here's why:

Energy saving: a well -maintained air conditioner works more efficiently, which means it will consume less electricity and reduce the costs of cooling or heating the space.

Air quality: Prophylaxis of the air conditioner includes cleaning and replacing filters, which contributes to maintaining an optimal interior air quality. This is crucial to those who suffer from allergies or asthma.

Lifespan: regular prophylaxis extends the life of the air conditioner, saving you long-term money, because you will not have to replace the device too soon.

Our prophylaxis services of Split type air conditioners

We are here to provide you with the highest quality prophylaxis services, supported by a solid guarantee. Here's what we can do for you:

Cleaning and replacing filters: dirty filters can reduce the efficiency of the air conditioner and burden the engine. We clean or replace them to ensure optimum operation.

Cleaning of coils: the evaporator and capacitor coils can accumulate dirt and dust, reducing the efficiency of the system. We clean them to restore performance.

Verification of electrical components: We check all the electrical components of the device to ensure that they are functional and safe.

Checking the refrigerant level: If the refrigerant level is too low, the air conditioner will not work correctly. We check the level and fill it if necessary.

General testing: We do a complete test of the device to ensure that it works properly and to identify any potential problems.

The lowest prices in Chisinau and throughout the Republic of Moldova

We are proud of the fact that we offer the most competitive prices for our prophylaxis services of Split type air conditioners in Chisinau and throughout the Republic of Moldova. We want to ensure that all our customers benefit from a comfortable and healthy interior climate at an affordable price.

Contact us today for programming

Do not postpone the prophylaxis of the air conditioner. Contact us today to schedule our professional services with a guarantee and to enjoy an air conditioner that works optimally. We are at your disposal in Chisinau and throughout the Republic of Moldova, to offer you the best services at the best prices

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Type of conditioner: Split-Sistem
Type of Service: Prevention
Executors: Engineers of Eurosanteh company
Execution Duration, hours: 1-1,30
Post-installation Support: included in the price
Please clarify the specifications with the managers, as they may differ from the actual ones