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Hydrophore Pedrollo JDWm-2-30 24CL (pina la 35m, 1,1kW) without protection

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Product Description

Pedrollo JDWm 2/30-4 24cl agricultural pumping station (BRASS) is supplied complete with a flexible hose, power cable, pressure gauge and brass coupling. This highly reliable unit is designed to supply water in continuous automatic mode. The model of this pumping station is equipped with a single-phase electric pump Pedrollo.


Pump capacity up to 3600 l/h
Gauge suction lift of the pump up to 45 m
Liquid temperature up to +40°C
Maximum ambient temperature +40°C
The JDW self-priming pump series includes the PEDROLLO JDW series self-priming centrifugal electric pumps, used for pumping water from deep wells. The self-priming effect is achieved through the use of a “Venturi tube” placed inside the ejector assembly, which is mounted on the pump or, more often, lowered into a well and connected to the pump body by two pipes. Only part of the total fluid flow created by the closed centrifugal impeller is directed to the discharge pipe; the remaining water (called starting water) is recirculated through the Venturi system, which, being connected to the suction chamber, creates in it the vacuum necessary to suck water from the immersion point of the ejector block. The water pumped from the ejector block opening is mixed in the Venturi diffuser with the recycled water from the pump, causing its pressure to increase due to the recycled water, and is directed to the pump through the outlet pipe. If the ejector unit is installed directly on the pump body, the JDW series pumps operate similarly to the JSW series pumps.

Pumps of this series are recommended for pumping clean water and chemically non-aggressive liquids. JDW series pumps, when installed above ground with a submerged ejector block, ensure reliable operation even if the water level in the well is 45 meters below the installation level of the pump itself. Thanks to their reliability, ease of use and cost-effectiveness, these pumps can be successfully used in everyday life, in particular for the automatic supply of water from small and medium-sized tanks, for watering gardens, etc., that is, in all cases where the suction depth exceeds normal limits (9 meters). Installation of a check valve at the opening of the ejector block is mandatory. It is recommended to install a valve on the pump discharge port to ensure adequate pressure balancing during operation. Before starting the pump, fill the pipeline connecting the pump housing with the ejector block with water. When pumping water from a depth not exceeding 9 meters, the ejector unit (4-inch only) can be installed directly inside the pump housing. In this case, there is no need to fill the suction line before starting the pump for the first time. The pump must be installed indoors or in places protected from atmospheric influences.

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Maximum depth, m: 35
Power, kW: 1,1
Water consumption, m³/h: 1,68
Maximum pumping height, m: 80
Body material: Fonta
Max. liquid temperature, °C: +40
Installation method: Vertical
Tip motor: Single phase
Hydrophore Tank Capacity, liters: 24
Coutry of brand: Italy
Maximum working pressure, bar: 3
Connection diameter, inch: 1
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