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Haier Multi Split system kit for a 2-room apartment up to 60 m²

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34 553 mdl
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Product Description

Multi split system kit for 2 rooms

We have selected for you a ready-made solution for a multi-split system for 2 rooms, designed to cool rooms with a total area of up to 50-55 m².

Composition of the system separately:

Below are the included air conditioners with prices recommended by the manufacturer for sale:

Outdoor unit - 2U50S2SM1FA:
Indoor unit No. 1 AS35S2SF1FA-WH White Mat (25 m²):
Indoor unit No. 2 AS25S2SF1FA-WH White Mat (25 m²).

If you add up the cost of the components, estimate the level of the discount. He's significant.

If desired, we will select other options: not only air conditioners of various capacities, but also series and even types (do not forget, the Haier line includes cassette, duct, and floor-standing options).

As indoor units we offer the latest wall-mounted air conditioners (Flexis Plus series) with Wi-Fi control already included in the basic configuration. In addition, the noise level is minimal: some 16 dB! The finest air filtration, an ultraviolet lamp, and an extremely interesting design that will allow the air conditioners to be succinctly integrated into the decoration of the room. Below are the functions of 2U50S2SM1FA + AS25S2SF1FA-WH +  AS35S2SF1FA-WH, believe me, they are more than enough:

The functions of the Haier 2U50S2SM1FA + AS25S2SF1FA-WH + AS35S2SF1FA-WH multi split system kit are, of course, answered by the internal units, while the purpose of the external unit is to effectively remove heat and distribute freon to each room. The heart of the 2U50S2SM1FA is a reliable R32 freon compressor with inverter power control, which significantly increases the service life of the air conditioner!

The UV-C STERILIZATION technology used in Haier air conditioners has the function of suppressing the development of the virus (SARS-CoV-2) based on the results of laboratory testing of the effectiveness of the UV-C lamp (study: Non - GLP - FIO VIRUS PURITY STUDY). The tests were conducted by Texcell, a global contract testing organization. Texcell has tested and confirmed the effectiveness of this technology at 99.998% in a 45 m3 room in 1 hour. The effectiveness of the UV-C sterilization feature varies depending on the size of the room and may take several hours to achieve the expected effect. Haier air conditioners with UV-C sterilization technology are not medical devices. Please follow local health guidelines.

The Steri Clean 56°C function effectively kills bacteria and viruses by heating the heat exchanger to 56°C for 30 minutes. Thermal disinfection is effective in combating contaminants that may settle on the surface of the heat exchanger. Maintaining a high temperature for more than 30 minutes creates lethal conditions for bacteria and viruses. Steri Clean 56°C technology is responsible for cleaning the device, which directly affects the air quality in the air conditioner.

Antibacterial coating with silver nanoparticles applied to the air circulation channel components in the device prevents the growth of mold and bacteria. Bacteria upon contact with silver ions are destroyed and their further development is inhibited. Silver ions used on the surface of air conditioner components have hygienic and antiseptic properties. Thanks to these properties, they create an effective antibacterial coating, which not only improves the quality of the air conditioner. The “Self-Hygiene” function is responsible for cleaning the device, which directly affects the quality of the exhaust air.

Self Clean is a self-cleaning technology that provides more efficient and convenient use of the air conditioner. This solution involves removing dirt that accumulates on the evaporator. Moist air frozen on the surface of the heat exchanger removes sediment when defrosting. Dirt that accumulates on the heat exchanger during operation of the air conditioner promotes the growth of bacteria, deteriorates indoor air quality and reduces cooling capacity by up to 15-30%. Self Clean provides high energy efficiency and keeps the device clean.

The efficient ECO sensor allows you to save energy while ensuring comfort and convenience. The smart sensor detects the presence of a person and tracks their movements, preventing air from blowing directly onto the user. If the ECO sensor detects the absence of a person in the room, it automatically goes into rest mode without causing any energy loss.

WI-FI CONTROL - Control your air conditioner or air conditioning system using your smartphone or tablet connected to the Internet. The remote control allows you to turn on the cooling on hot days before you get home. Everyday life situations inspire the Haier brand to create intelligent solutions. Wi-Fi control is simple and intuitive; air conditioner operating parameters can be configured using an application on a mobile device; Thanks to this, you can view and access almost all functions of the air conditioner. In addition, the Wi-Fi management system allows you to create work schedules, for example, weekly. Haier air conditioners can be equipped with various types of wireless and wired controls.

We offer such competitive prices on multi-split kits that you will stop. And they also chose us for installation, because just selling equipment is... simple. And not interesting. For the installation company!

You are on the website of a professional engineering company that will happily begin installing air conditioners, which our company has been doing for more than 10 years!

Product characteristics arrow down
No. maximum of interior units: 2
Room area, m²: 50
Power, BTU: 18000
Air conditioner type: Set
Compressor: Inverter
Hladagent: R32
Cooling power, kW: 5,0
Heating to, °C: -15...+24
Heating power, kW: 5,80
Cooling power consumption, kW: 1,45
Heating electricity consumption, kW: 1,40
Air flow, m³/h: 2900
Noise level, dB: 53
Maximum fall height, m: 15
Maximum drawn length, m: 30
Energy efficiency class: A++
Connection diameter, inch: 1/4x3/8
Internal block weight, kg: 9,5
External block weight, kg: 36,0
Indoor unit dimensions, mm: 856x197x300
Outdoor unit dimensions, mm: 800x260x550
Basic regimes: Cooling / Heating / Drying / Ventilation
Drying regime: Yes
Stop/start timer: Yes
Air filter: Yes
Ventilation regime: Yes
Additional regimes: Turbo Mode/Wi-Fi Control
Regular fan speed: Yes
Operating temperature range, cooling, °C: -10...+46
Please clarify the specifications with the managers, as they may differ from the actual ones