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Nail stapler Capricorn Aluminum

50 289 mdl
50 289 mdl
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Product Description

Capricorn, this durable and effective equipment, ideal for fixing Takker nails on various surfaces, especially on pipes. The construction of aluminum and plastic provides the body with a durable structure, resistant to wear and impact, providing a long service life and reliable operation in various operating conditions.

Main characteristics of this device:

Durable material: The aluminum and plastic body provides a durable construction, resistant to wear and impact, ensuring a long service life and reliable operation in various operating conditions.

Type of system: The device uses the Takker fastening system, which makes it suitable for applying Takker nails to pipes and other similar surfaces. This type of system provides reliable and durable fastening of nails, reducing the risk of damage or subsequent poisoning.

Compatibility with Takker nails: The device is designed to work with Takker nails 40 mm, 50 mm and 57 mm high. This universality of nail sizes allows the user to choose the appropriate option depending on the specific requirements of the project or application.

Efficiency in work with nails: The use of this device for the fastening of Takker nails allows you to reduce the time of work and simplify the installation process. Increased productivity and comfort when using make this device an ideal choice for professionals in various fields, such as construction or plumbing.

Dimensions and weight: With a height of 942 mm and a weight of 2.9 kg, this device provides the optimal combination of portability and durability in use. Compact sizes make it easier to handle and transport, and the moderate weight facilitates control and adequate control during operation.


The Takker Capricorn nail device is an excellent solution for fastening Takker nails in various applications, providing an ideal combination of strength, efficiency and ease of use. With high performance characteristics and extended compatibility with different sizes of Takker nails, this device is an indispensable tool for professionals who are looking for quality and reliability in their daily work.

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Type: tacker
Coutry of brand: Poland
Weight, kg: 2,9
Height, mm: 942
Body material: aluminum
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