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Floor-ceiling HAIER AC35S2SG1FA/1U35S2SM1FA

Power, BTU: 12000
35 956 mdl
32 104 mdl
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Product Description

The devices provide precise air distribution thanks to a wide pressure range: horizontally, the devices distribute air in a range of 100 degrees, and vertically in a range of 70 degrees. Air conditioners have a special TURBO mode, which allows the device to operate at a height of up to 4.2 m (12.5/14 kW).

CONVERTIBLE series air conditioners are devices that can be installed directly on the ceiling or floor; they are the ideal solution for demanding spaces. The devices have significantly lower installation space requirements, and maintenance is much more convenient. The compact design of the devices has a very narrow width of 230 mm, making them one of the best choices among Haier products.

Wi-Fi control (optional).

Control your air conditioner or air conditioning system using a smartphone or tablet connected to the Internet. Remote control allows you to turn on the cooling on hot days before you get home. Everyday situations that accompany us in life are a source of inspiration for Haier to create intelligent solutions. Wi-Fi management is simple and intuitive. Setting the air conditioner operating parameters is possible using a special application on a mobile device. This guarantees access to almost all functions of the air conditioner. In addition, the application allows you to configure multiple devices. In addition, the Wi-Fi management system allows you to create work schedules, for example, weekly ones. Haier air conditioners have the ability to use various types of wireless and wired controls.


The indoor unit can be installed either on the floor or on the ceiling, depending on the needs. Providing the same level of comfort, the air conditioner has significantly smaller requirements for the required installation space, and maintenance and installation are much more convenient.


Without requiring much space, Convertible air conditioners provide easy installation. Only 230mm thick ensures easy installation, making Convertible units one of the best choices among Haier products.

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Indoor unit dimensions, mm: 1000x230x680
Operating temperature range, cooling, °C: -20...+43
Heating to, °C: -20...+24
Stop/start timer: Yes
Air filter: Yes
Additional regimes: Wifi
Drying regime: Yes
Basic regimes: Cooling/heating
External block weight, kg: 30,0
Internal block weight, kg: 26,0
Outdoor unit dimensions, mm: 800x275x553
Room area, m²: 35
Connection diameter, inch: 1/4x3/8
Maximum fall height, m: 10
Maximum drawn length, m: 15
Hladagent: R32
Noise level, dB: 33
Air flow, m³/h: 750
Heating electricity consumption, kW: 1,07
Cooling power consumption, kW: 0,91
Heating power, kW: 4,0
Cooling power, kW: 3,5
Compressor: Inverter
Power, BTU: 12000
Please clarify the specifications with the managers, as they may differ from the actual ones