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Clipse podele calde Tacker INNOPIN (30/300/8400pcs)

84 841 mdl
84 841 mdl
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Product Description

The anchor clamp for underfloor heating pipes is designed to securely fix the entire perimeter of the pipe, which is placed on the thermal insulation boards. It is made of a shock-resistant polymer, which has a high resistance to destruction under the action of external factors, aggressive environments and high temperatures. This ensures durability and reliability throughout its lifetime.

The product is mounted on the pipe and fixed in polystyrene, where it is retained by two sharp teeth. This provides a solid and secure fit without the risk of pipe movement or deflection. It is used along the entire length of the pipe, both on straight sections and on curves and corners, ensuring uniform and stable heat distribution throughout the room.

Reliable fixing is ensured thanks to a special construction of the product:

In the upper part of the clamp there is a special support, in which the pipe is glued, ensuring its fixation without the risk of slipping.
At the bottom there is a groove, which allows the product to be completely fixed and prevents it from moving or shifting. This guarantees the stability and reliability of the fastening even under conditions of mechanical loading or significant vibrations.
The anchor clamp for underfloor heating pipes is a reliable and efficient solution for installing and fixing pipes in heating systems, ensuring optimal operation and durability of the entire installation.

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Type: clips
Color: black
Coutry of brand: Poland
Body material: Plastic
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